Profetto Savatteri Family Medicine is home to three family physicians - Dr. Ralph Profetto, Dr. Jason Profetto and Dr. Michael Savatteri.  In addition, our staff consists of physician assistants, nurses, family medicine residents & students, mental health workers, dieticians, practice & business managers and administrative staff.

Clinic Location and Hours

Profetto Savatteri Family Medicine is located on the second floor of Stoney Creek Medical Arts Centre.

Stoney Creek Medical Arts Centre
198 Barton Street East
Stoney Creek ON, L8E 2K2

The clinic is home to three separate family medicine practices, each with their own hours, phone number and facsimile.  The clinic hours are as follows:

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays:  7am to 4pm
Wednesdays: 7am to 12pm
Fridays: 7am to 3pm

The above hours represent the times for which staff will be present.  Appointment times will be specific for each physician.  Phones will be closed during lunch and will start answering at 8:30am for all physicians.

Office of Dr. Ralph Profetto
Tel. 905 662 4404 

Office of Dr. Jason Profetto
Tel. 905 662 9463

Office of Dr. Michael Savatteri
Tel. 905 662 4554